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Water Filters, Control Valves, Irrigation controllers and back-flushing filtration system and other professional irrigation water disposal devices produced from ARTHAS are widely applied in agricultural irrigation、landscape irrigation and other fields. ARTHAS researching and designing multiple products like drippers、sprayers、pipe switch control valves、time setting control valves these home irrigation control system which can be applied in home gardens.
ARTHAS company has support of great technical researching team group and has excellent production capability, to provide OEM/ODM goods delivery service professional to retailers、brand owners、project contractors globally.  
ARTHAS Products includes:

Agricultural Irrigation Series Products: ARTHAS researching and designing irrigation water filtration products、water flow control products and back-flusing filtration system, which are practical and efficient products, with first class quality in the world, to make tremendous contribution to agricultural irrigation water saving.

Home Irrigation Series Products: ARTHAS deliberately design home use irrigation timer valve, smart home irrigation system and based on different home garden circumstance to make adjustable garden irrigation kits, to make your home life more easy and full with taste of life.

Landscape Irrigation Series Products: ARTHAS researching and designing water flow pipe control products、smart irrigation control products、remote control landscape irrigation management system, these smart technologies bring solutions to city landscape management of maintenance.