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Since 2012, ARTHAS IRRIGATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has focused on water filtration technology, waterway control technology and internet remote control technology research. Company researching, designing and manufacturing of various types of water filters, back-flushing control valves, back-flushing filtration systems, air valves, control water valves, system controllers and other professional equipment and these products’ quality reach to achieve world-class level, research and development of home garden timing irrigation control valve and drip irrigation micro-flushing kit and other products, are in line with the humanized design concept and full of human care. Products are widely used in agricultural irrigation, landscape irrigation and home garden irrigation.
Our competitive advantage lies in our research and development capabilities and manufacturing capabilities. Our main business is to undertake OEM/ODM business from retailers, brands and professional contractors around the world.
Our company is located in Fuzhou China with more than 380 employers. There are three major teams: international sales team, the domestic sales team with engineering background, and the R&D team. Our R&D center is of high capacity in the design of the software, electronic hardware, structural engineering, 3D engineering, molding and industrial application. Our company has 1500m2 office, 500m2  R&D Center, 300m2  show room, and we also possess10000m2  modernized industrial plants including the molding, plastic injection, metal stamping, electronic appliances and assembly lines. Our company is very strong in supplying chain management, integrated production and manufacturing. The independent production rate is more than 60%. 
We are researching deeply in industrial automation control, signal wireless transmission, cloud platform data collection, Internet of things linkage control and so on and these technologies are applied in irrigation water control and management, to make devotions for saving water environmental protection and make devotions to advanced scientific irrigation.
ARTHAS will always hold our philosophy as”innovation and creation, customer orientation, dynamic and enthusiasm, integrity and honesty, to apply the core competence”scientific and technological innovation”, we make efforts on water resource protection, irrigation science development and beautiful earth for humankind.